Valentine's Day has ALWAYS belonged to the Vampires. Like always the humans seek to take what they do not understand.

For thousands of years the Vampires have roamed the earth. Taking what we wanted, staying in the shadows. There were times when the humans got too close and we would need to find sanctuary. Thus the Vampire emblem was born. The ancient vampires borrowed from alchemy to create a symbol that would represent safety for our kind. Created from the symbols for the blood we need for life and our rule of the night. Initially this was a means to locate safe sanctuaries in larger settlements and cities, overtime this symbol eventually came to represent all vampires. When we saw this symbol, we knew we were welcome and safe. 

Mankind stumbled upon this symbol. For a time, they feared it, recognizing it for what it was. But as time passed and mankind gave up superstitions, the symbol lost its meaning and even became distorted. It evolved into a different symbol, a heart; with a different meaning: love. We vampires have a dark sense of humor and regaled in the irony that mankind had forgotten and twisted our symbol. With sadistic satisfaction we watched them celebrate "Valentine's Day" as their "love" date, all the while adopting mankind's holiday with a celebration of our own.

At the 2017 Vampire Ball the elder turned over leadership of the vampires to the 4 clans. Each clan having one seat on the council.