A Message from the New Order

"I am here to deliver a message. You have spent your entire life covered in the blanket of a lie. You have been convinced that the reality around you is only superstition. You have let yourself believe that the flicker of movement in the shadows out of the corner of your eye was only a trick of the light. It was no trick. Vampires walk among you, inhabiting the night. Your fear is our appetizer. Your blood, our meal. Your death, our dessert. The time has come to reveal ourselves to you. Thousands of years ago, our kind endeavored to remain hidden. Outnumbered, and limited to the night, mankind posed an ever present threat. We used an ancient symbol to signify a safe haven, a symbol that you humans saw, but didn't understand. You evolved it into a symbol of hope and love. But it has always belonged to us. Eventually, as our numbers grew, we split into 4 factions: The Purists maintain the ancient ways. They prefer to stay outside of mankind's world. Our Warriors protect us. No cost is too great to them as long as we survive. The foolish Sympaths believe that humans and vampires can coexist. And then there is us, the New Order. Your new masters. We are revealing ourselves to you now so that you can prepare yourselves. Humans are no longer the dominant species. It is our time now."

Rebeca Rose